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Energy production for the future

Germany’s construction industry and battery storage solutions are powering up the future of energy production

By 2020, the EU hopes that 20 per cent of energy will come from renewable sources such as wind, solar and biomass. Battery production company, Sonnen, is moving forward with high-tech storage systems that combine a PV solar system with their sonnenBatterie. The battery recovers up to 75 per cent of a household’s energy requirement, turning the home into an independent energy producer. Companies such as Sonnen, Senec and Solarwatt are catering to the private housing sector with a mission to build intelligent, energy-self-sufficient communities.

Germany’s journey to an efficient future also includes a commitment to sustainable construction. From the PlusEnergie concept, where individuals are responsible for producing and maintaining a sustainable home, to a fully-renewable industrial building, Germany is progressing forward towards sustainable energy construction. Goldbeck, a Mittelstand company located in Bielefield, is an internationally operating example of a construction company that has placed sustainability at the core of their business. Goldbeck designs buildings that assess issues from energy consumption and production, with a goal to develop low-to-zero energy consuming buildings while not compromising on their aesthetics.

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