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Discoveries in biotech under the microscope

The biotech sector in Germany is thriving, hosting over 580 biotech companies earning over €3 bn annually

The biotech sector in Germany is thriving, with an investment record of €674 million in 2017. The sector is responsible for a series of incredible medical and bio-technology innovations, from T-Cell cancer research innovations and the ability to isolate precious metals from waste. BRAIN, a white biotechnology company located outside Frankfurt has developed a microorganism that is able to locate and extract gold particles out of ore waste from mines and other waste products. According to BRAIN’s CEO, what makes the company tick is their desire to find sustainable and natural solutions for the future’s production processes.

Just outside Munich, Medigene AG, a research and development medical technology company, is experimenting with cutting edge cancer treatments. Medigene works on the development of living immunotherapies to treat different types of cancer, by using living cells made from a patient’s own immune system. Both these companies are pioneers in their field not only due to their ability to work with nearby universities and local talent, but also because of the support provided by the German government and external investors, allowing new advancements in research and development to take place and grow.

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